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Author: Brian
Ladies name: Daria&Britney
Date of Visit: 26.06.2012
Time of Visit: 6pm
Duration of Visit: 1 hours
Ladies attractiveness: 10/10
Her look: Stunning better then on photos
Comments on her appearance: Young,fresh good looking
Incall: Yes
Outcall: No
Her level of service: 10/10
General comments: I visited Britney a few weeks ago when Daria was busy. Although Daria was my first choice I could not have been happier with Britney and that got me thinking about seeing them as a duo.
It is clear that Daria and Britney are close friends and completely at ease in each others company. Daria was as pretty and sexy as I had hoped and Britney seemed even sweeter and sexier when she was with her friend. They are not so alike that you might mistake them for sisters but they do laugh and smile together so much that I felt a lucky partner in cheeky fun being shared by two old friends. There is no doubt that both Daria and Britney are now on my hotlist to see again in the near future. I will gladly visit either of them individually or better still both of them together again if I have the energy.



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