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Need to know more about escort girl you want to meet? Well then, let this review page be your guide.

All the reviews here are reliable and true.

03.04.2015 Natalie REVIEW 2 Submited by Jim .

21.08.2014 Jeniffer REVIEW 1 Submited by Ibrahim.

04.07.2014 Simone REVIEW1 Submited by Sam.

20.04.2014 Sisy REVIEW1 Submited by Ray.

18.03.2014 Natalie REVIEW1 Submited by David.

18.03.2014 Bella REVIEW1 Submited by Rob

28.01.2014 Lauren REVIEW1 Submited by Rob

07.12.2013 Natalie REVIEW1 Submited by Robert

10.11.2013 Tatiana REVIEW1 Submited by Tom

01.11.2013 Nika REVIEW 1

29.08.2013 Danaya REVIEW 1

04.08.13*Mira Review1 Submited by Mike.

03.07.13*Nicol Review 2 Submited by Brian.

16.05.13*Carolina Review 5 submited by Steve

18.03.13*Carolina Review 4 submited by Stefan.

28.02.13*Camilla Review 1 submited by Tom

25.11.12*Nicol Review 1 submited by Martin

01.09.2012*Nelly Review 1 submited by Joe

26.08.2012*Any (1review) Review 1 submited by Simon

21.08.2012* Carolina(3reviews) Review 3 submited by Alex.

10.08.2012* Carolina(2reviews) Review 2 submited by Tom.

03.08.2012 *Carolina(1 review) Review 1 submited byJim

12.07.2012*Jane(1review) Review 1 submited by Robert

26.06.2012*Daria&Britney(1review) Review 1 submited by Brian

08.03.2011*Bella(1review)Review 1 submited by John




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